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Role of Urdu in National Integration

Role of Urdu in National Integration


Language is the best media by which you can explicit his thoughts and feelings. It plays a vital position in building the character of an man or woman in addition to a kingdom. Languages bring closer each other and it creates a feel of harmony some of the human beings.

Pakistan has several regional languages, leader of them being Pushto, Punjabi, Sindhi, Baluchi and Kashmiri.

Urdu – National Language of Pakistan

After independence Quaid-e-Azam said in clean love poetry in urdu cut words that the country wide language of Pakistan could be Urdu. He said:

“Let me make it clear that the country wide language of Pakistan goes to be Urdu and no other language . Without one kingdom language no country can remain tied up solidly together.”

Evolution of Urdu

Urdu developed over a period of centuried by using cultural contacts between local humans of north of Sub Continent and Muslims of Arabia, Iran and Turkey. The base of this language is Prakrit, an Aryan language. The script of Urdu is modified shape of Persian. Urdu is a word of Turkish language and its literal meaning is camp.

Qualities of Urdu

1. Great Power of Assimilation

The splendour of Urdu is Turkish and its allure is Persian in its base. The vitality of Urdu lies in its ability to undertake words from different languages in such a manner as though they originally belonged to it. The chief purpose for its country wide popularity become its strength of Assimilation. According to Sir Syed Ahmed Khan:

“…Still now Urdu has tremendous affinity for many other phrases and thoughts which will increase its beauty.”

2. Source of National Indentity

National language is the identity of a state. When we’re abroad we’re diagnosed as Pakistani because of our countrywide language. That is why, every kingdom gives out appreciate and significance to country wide language.

Rich Treasure of Prose and Poetry

The Urdu language possesses a very valuable treasure of poetry and prose. The poets and writers have contributed their most in its improvement. Maulana Shibli Nomani, Maulana Hali, Deputy Nazir Ahmed, Mirza Ghalib, Amir Khusro and many others followed this language of their poetry and writings. Sir Syed wrote for the re-awakening of the Muslims of Sub Continent. According to Abdul Haque:

“It is Sir Syed because of whom Urdu has made this sort of amazing development inside a duration of handiest one century.”

Importance of Urdu in National lifestyles

Certain factors which expresses the importance of Urdu in national existence are given underneath:

1. Means of Brotherhood and Unity

People of Pakistan are one kingdom, consequently their questioning, targets and objectives are not unusual. Their progress and prosperity relies upon upon their solidarity and brotherhood. An crucial aspect for achieving this harmony and brotherhood is Urdu.

2. Source of Expression

Urdu has turn out to be a supply of expression, feeling, thoughts, and aspiration. People of two exceptional areas can without problems understood each different thoughts and mind through Urdu.

Three. Means of Communicaton and Co-ordination

Urdu serves as a way of communique and is a binding pressure among all the 4 provinces of Pakistan. People dwelling in one of a kind provinces recognize that during spite of speaking extraordinary languages, they’re joined collectively via one country wide language that’s the heritage of all.

4. Medium of Instruction

Urdu language is the medium of coaching in maximum of the instructional institutions of Pakistan. History, Islamic Studies, political Science and other topics are taught upto M.A degree in Urdu. Lectures on Islamic training and religion are also delievered in Urdu for the duration of Pakistan.

Urdu – An Imporant Part of Our Cultural Heritage

Urdu grew in reputation and by way of the later Mughal Period and the arrival of the British, it were followed by the Muslims and the Hindus alike. It might not be wrong to say if it’s far said that:

“Urdu is a part of our cultural Heritage.”


Being the countrywide language of the country, it’s miles the binding pressure in extraordinary parts of Pakistan. The officers have followed Urdu language of their respectable work and the Government has published a dictionary containing Urdu phrases for the office work. The Urdu Development Board and “Anjuman-e-Taraqi-e-Urdu” are seeking to deliver Urdu a place in society and it’s miles hope that Urdu would find its region in society inside short time period.

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